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We are a team of highly dedicated developers providing water delivery software solutions. We understand delivery business can be complicated with hassles like saving records, managing data and orders. So we make it hassle-free by meeting the requirements of your business.

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Water Delivery Management Software To Make Door-Step Deliveries Flawless

We have the best and most experienced mobile app development team holding more than 50+
technical experts that are gloriously serving our advanced tech-savvy customers with innovative
Water Delivery Solutions. The powerful features have eliminated all the challenges faced by the
water distributors in their spheres and helped them grow.

Serving our advanced tech-savvy

customers with innovative Water Delivery Solutions.

  • 90+

    Happy Clients

  • 10+

    Countries Served

  • 7+

    Years Of Experience

What We Are Offering To Our Customers

Secured Data

Manage orders, deliveries, drivers, and pricing of water bottles, sales reports, delivery
routes, etc.

Ease To Use

Without compromising the business work you can focus on the business work easily

Great Effectiveness

Automatic system allows you to have logs of history of all reports and get an easy review


Launch water delivery services online with efficient features at less cost.

Work From Anywhere

Mobile workforce ensures ordering and delivery attended all time.

ravi garg, trakop, water delivery solutions, key feature, secure, effectiveness, easy to use
ravi garg, trakop, water delivery solutions, helping you grow

Helping You Grow In Every Stage

Every business starts from small scale and after increasing the number of the customers it grows and follows to medium scale or enterprise.

Technology advancement has made businesses reach another level. One of them is online water delivery software.

Remove all the challenges you face in your business in terms of mismanagement, order fulfillment, record of your deliveries, missed or late deliveries and follow up on customer complaints. We have made features to overcome each one of them.

Meet our Founder and CEO

Ravi Garg

Ravi is the CEO of Water Delivery Solutions and serves on MSS Board of Directors. Under his leadership, WDS has been focused on developing products and services, powered by the latest advances in AI. His professional interests have centred on business process engineering and optimization, with a particular emphasis on designing technology that intelligently controls and empowers the supply chain. Over the next few years, Ravi hopes to make “paperless delivery business” an exception—and accurate, immediate digital procedures the standard. His goal is to help the delivery businesses to achieve a sustainable business model with saving paper and go digital.

ravi garg, trakop, water delivery solutions, ceo

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