The Water Delivery Businesses faces many problems same as any other business. The business is not easy to manage on its own. These days, technology helps drive a smooth and efficient delivery and management operation.

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Water delivery software assists logistics leaders like you in scaling up and optimizing your delivery services for maximum efficiency, best price, speed, control, and experience for both shippers and consignees.

Our cloud platform enables you to achieve more with your resources by boosting route efficiency, automating dispatch, and decreasing call center load. Our front-end and back-end solutions are trusted by global delivery and logistics leaders to preserve their chain of custody and provide premium, competitive services.

Challenges faced by the business:

  1. Asset Tracking
    • Container tracking or missing water bottles is the main issue faced by business owners. Keeping track of water bottles
    • Water Dispenser Tracking
  2. Inability to manage multiple customers or orders at one time
  3. Assurance of correct information about the order to the customer
    • Proof of delivery notification at the time of delivery
    • Real-time updates about the order and drivers
  4. Managing the order accepting and dispatching is time taking
  5. Tracking of delivery vehicle(truck, van) and ETAs of the orders and delivery
  6. Collection of Payment at the time of delivery
    • Handing Credit customer’s payments, cash disputes between customers and drivers
  7. Acquiring new customers and scaling a business without a website or app is costly and difficults

ravi garg, wds, software, challanges, bottled water delivery, multiple customers, delivery vehicle, payment

Challenges faced by Customers:

  • Facing discrepancies in invoices and actual orders received. Mismatching of order details and other related details.
  • Customers are unable to track the orders and communicate with the driver directly.
  • Modifications in order or canceling the order is an issue where no option is available.
  • Returns or refunds disputes with customers over missing information, or miscommunication.

Challenges faced by Delivery Vehicle

  • Delivery vehicles stuck in traffic with High turnaround times, or no information about the whereabouts of drivers.
  • No proof of delivery was provided to customers at the time of delivery
  • Not able to record new orders, proof of delivery, or edit orders on the run-time
  • Difficult in collecting payments online, no cash records maintenance, missing paper invoices.

Using delivery management software is the straightforward answer to this question. Such software can help delivery companies overcome different problems by automating the procedure. Furthermore, it can provide businesses and end customers with secure and timely deliveries while lowering total delivery costs.

Water delivery solutions’ distribution management software can help create a seamless communication system by including features like real-time tracking. The program contains a clever order management system that sorts and assigns couriers for delivery automatically.

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