While it’s evident that using paper-based systems diminishes productivity and raises expenses, it also puts the environment at risk. Going paperless helps to limit the impact of climate change by reducing your impact on forests, reducing the amount of waste that is placed into landfills, reducing energy use, and reducing the amount of garbage that is dumped into landfills.

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Is there a meaningful difference in terms of sustainability?

You might be wondering how much of a difference going paperless makes to your sustainability goals, so here are some UK data to consider:

  • Paper manufacture consumes more than 40% of wood pulp.
  • 6800 sheets of paper are deemed wasted for every 10,000 sheets produced.
  • Each year, the average office worker consumes 10,000 sheets of copy paper.
  • Every year, each person in the United Kingdom consumes the equivalent of 4.48 trees.

Looking at the dark future where nature is suffering and people are facing all the consequences of human actions if even small businesses think of a vision of going paperless, it will be a small but huge impact step towards sustainable business practices.

ravi garg, wds, paperless delivery business, practice sustainability, go green, save environtment, reduce carbon emmission

Benefits of going paperless toward the environment:

  • Reduce C02 (carbon dioxide) emissions
  • Saves trees and conserves energy
  • Save paper cost
  • Less waste produce
  • Digital power to increase productivity
  • Business efficiency and cost savings

Sustainability efforts increase employee engagement

Employees are becoming increasingly interested in working with a company that is pursuing a sustainability project. WDS is trying to become a carbon-neutral firm, and we’re evaluating the actions we need to take to get there. “The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed our worldwide interconnectedness and collective reliance like never before,” according to an Accenture analysis. That is only one of the many reasons why employees are more concerned than ever before about whether their company’s business practices are environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

As concerns about responsible business practices and reducing environmental effects become increasingly widespread, more companies are prioritizing sustainability. Consumers expect firms to use sustainable methods, therefore it often makes sense from an economic standpoint as well. Adopting the ways of paperless bottled water delivery business is only one of the ways organizations can help the environment. This is usually dependent on using cloud-based technologies that eliminate the need for printing and paper. It makes sense to take advantage of the ability to access the internet from any place now that it is so widely used. Electrical estimators can go paperless with the help of Water Delivery Solutions. Start your free trial right now.

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