Water delivery software allows business owners to manage customers and drivers on a single platform. After covid-19, everyone today prefers contactless delivery besides leaving their place for the same. So most businesses are starting to shift to online ordering for bottled water delivery. The bottled water delivery software comes with many user-friendly features that automate operations and enhances the sales process. So let’s have a look at;

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Key Feature of bottled water delivery software that helps in increasing sales:

  1. Refer and Earn:-  With Refer & Earn feature you can automate your sales where your customers do the needful. You can basically offer your customers an opportunity to earn every time they refer a new customer. The main advantage is that it saves the cost of hiring sales and marketing to expand your business.
  2. Driver onboarding new customers:– The major challenge in any business is to shift the customers to apps. The software helps managers to overcome this challenge. With the help of the driver app, the driver can register new customers while on the field. The drivers can act here as sales representatives and hence enhance sales. Further drivers can earn incentives based on the number of customers registered. 
  3. Expanding service area:– To grow in any industry or business, one cannot restrict to confined areas. The software helps the owners to overcome this challenge and expand the areas they serve in, by knowing the interest of customers living in different localities. So the owners can decide in which locality there can be a possibility to start the delivery and hence grow the business. This helps save the cost of marketing. 
  4. Payment recovery:- Payment collection is the most important and crucial task for any business. Even more tedious is maintaining the data of the collected payments. The software helps to maintain a record of all the payments received from customers. So it becomes easy to calculate all the cash inflow monthly.
    ravi garg, wds, increase sale, refer and earn, field application, geo mapping, discounts
  5. Discount & coupons:– Discount coupons are a very powerful feature to retain your existing customers which is the most important task for any business i.e retaining. The software allows the vendor to create customize discount coupons according to their marketing strategy. Furthermore, customers can use these coupons and earn cashback. This builds trust with the customers which reflect in monthly sales. 
  6. Faster payment via digital payments:-  The most challenging part is to maintain a record of the payments done by customers. So here the software offers different modes of payment such as cash on delivery, digital payment gateways, credit, or debit through bank accounts.  It helps to easily maintain the record of the payment automatically in the system. 
  7. Creating discount packages:- Subscription packages can improve the customer experience. The software provides a way to engage customers for a long duration with the help of subscription packages. Being connected with customers for a longer duration of time definitely improves their chances of trusting the brand.

To conclude, it has now become mandatory for water suppliers to move one step ahead and go digital for their customers. The water delivery software is the easiest way to provide all the features required for a seamless delivery experience in a single solution.

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