If someone had spoken seriously about contactless deliveries even a year ago, it would have sounded like a joke. But now because of the pandemic, it has become so common today.

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The truth is that contactless delivery is the new normal and it is here to stay. The consumer is now looking for brands that promise safety. It is now a part of the overall purchasing experience and may very well determine whether the consumer chooses to do business with the same brand again.

Today’s businesses require new channels for creating value via service differentiation, and in logistics, the point of delivery is a wonderful time for making a difference. As they make more purchases – both offline and online – today’s tech-savvy shoppers just want more. With changing customer expectations, ensuring a pleasant last-mile experience is critical to maintaining brand loyalty.

The relevance of route planning and transportation management systems has risen dramatically in the age of same-day and quick deliveries. The ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) feature is crucial for a flawless digital logistics management system.

What is Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD)?

Digital confirmation of a traditional paper delivery receipt is known as Electronic Proof of Delivery. Last-mile agents can use ePOD to capture data such as delivery confirmation on their mobile devices. It is typically accomplished by obtaining an electronic signature from the customer following a successful delivery or by photographing the delivered order.

This paperless proof of delivery solution improves security while cutting down on the time delivery agents spend completing on-the-ground paperwork. It also improves real-time visibility throughout your supply chain.

The use of an ePOD and dispatch software would result in water delivery business:

  • Increase Profitability and field service management
  • Dynamic field schedules are managed smoothly
  • Complete transparency from beginning to end
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Security
  • Improves contact-less deliveries
  • Automate last-mile delivery
  • No chance of miscommunication
  • Reduces dependencies on paperwork
  • Improves delivery reporting

Moreover, there will be no more unpaid invoices.

Working with ePODs has a huge advantage in that if you ever need to check one up, you can do so quickly by putting the reference number into the transportation management system, which will bring up a copy of the ePOD.

This eliminates one of the most common problems with returning signed papers to the office, where it is filed and perhaps misplaced. Then, three months later, a client calls to request a copy of a signature that they can’t find, and the firm doesn’t get paid.

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To have a digital delivery experience, new age and modern ePOD processes are required. There are numerous ways to deploy ePOD, but if you’re an enterprise company trying to provide a cutting-edge service, water delivery software is the greatest platform for bringing in a digital transformation that will help you save money and increase operational performance.

For delivery businesses, electronic proof of delivery is a must. You can help your business expand in a variety of ways, from increasing efficiency to automating operations. A piece of digital evidence is also more dependable and can be easily confirmed.

By converting to a digital system to certify your deliveries, you may expect to give exceptional delivery experiences. Cost and time savings, increased productivity, and competitive advantage are just a few of the benefits that come with it.

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