Sustainability has emerged as a pressing global concern, with plastic waste being one of the most significant challenges we face today. However, amid this environmental crisis, a new player has entered the stage, offering a sustainable solution to our hydration needs: water delivery apps.

These innovative apps are revolutionising the way we access drinking water by reusing plastic bottles while actively fighting plastic waste. This article will examine how software has made water delivery more eco-friendly and promotes a shift toward a more sustainable future.

Top 6 ways in which software makes sustainable deliveries possible
Effective delivery route
Route optimisation is a crucial feature of the application that helps orders get delivered faster by reducing the total delivery turnaround time. In this feature, deliveries are sequenced based on the delivery addresses and the shortest route is created. As a result, businesses can serve more areas within the same timeframe by making deliveries time-effective.

Time-efficient deliveries
The automation offered by the application makes the process more time-efficient. Orders are auto-assigned and auto-dispatched, including assigning the orders to the delivery drivers who are assigned the route, and the order and delivery details are automatically updated on the driver app. Automation speeds up these processes and promotes order accuracy. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, “fast deliveries are the new normal” to grow and retain customers.

Cut fuel costs
With delivery distances shortened and reduced total turnaround time, the software also helps in cutting fuel costs. According to a study by Business Insider, “Last-mile delivery can account for 53% of a shipment’s costs.” Therefore, it becomes crucial for businesses to integrate the software with bottled water delivery businesses.


Reduce carbon footprints
Customers have also started becoming sympathetic towards environmental issues along with changing delivery trends. According to a report by Accenture, “The carbon footprint of the last mile has long been an environmental and societal challenge. Carbon emissions from urban delivery traffic have been expected to jump by 32% by 2030.” The main aim of using water delivery software is to offer more speed and convenience with a lower carbon footprint.

Minimise plastic waste
Using software supports a circular economy which promotes the closed-loop movement of bottles, which includes delivering water in bottles and collecting back the empty bottles for reuse. Employing software in the bottled water delivery business reduces bottled plastic waste and promotes its reuse while minimising plastic waste.

Paperless deliveries
Automation in the delivery process removes the need for delivery drivers to mark successful deliveries on paper. Drivers can directly mark deliveries from the driver application that are auto-updated on the admin panel and on the customer interface. Minimising ‌paper usage and reducing the impact on the environment. It also improves efficiency by removing the need for marking deliveries and recording delivery data manually.

Water delivery apps have emerged as a powerful catalyst in the sustainability revolution, offering a solution to combat the increasing issue of plastic waste and carbon emissions. By promoting refillable containers, and embracing eco-friendly deliveries, these apps are redefining how water delivery businesses operate.

Moreover, these apps raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practises, inspiring a broader mindset shift towards a greener future. As the sustainability revolution gains momentum, this software stands at the forefront, driving positive change and offering a sustainable alternative to traditional water deliveries. By embracing these apps, we can contribute to a more environmentally conscious world and play our part in creating a healthier, plastic-free future.

If you are also looking forward to some sustainable solutions for your bottled water delivery business, discuss your vision with our team of experts to see how we can help your business.

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