“Tracking empty water bottles” or “reverse logistics” is a common term that you might hear in your day-to-day life. But do you know how important reverse logistics are in the water delivery business?

With increasing future demand for water delivery, businesses need to increase the efficiency and productivity of their business operations, including the reverse logistics of empty water bottles. With this, bottled water delivery businesses have started automating their operations using water delivery software.

In this blog, we’ll walk through the importance of reverse logistics, creating reverse logistics, the benefits of reverse logistics, and key factors to consider while optimising reverse logistics.

What is reverse logistics in the water delivery business?

Reverse logistics in the water delivery business is referred to as the return of empty bottles from end customers either to the distributor or manufacturer. Empty water bottles are collected by the drivers at the time of delivering newly filled water bottles. The data on water bottles given to the customers and empty bottles collected from them is managed and tracked to avoid misplacing the empty bottles.

Why is reverse logistics important in the water delivery business?


  • Keeping track of empty water bottles avoids financial losses and assists in increasing the ROI of your business.
  • Transparent bottle data management increases customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and customer retention, avoiding customer disputes.
  • Reverse logistics increases the sustainability of the business and improves its sustainability score.
  • Streamline the empty bottle return process to improve efficiency and increase the business’s net profit margin.
  • Smoothens the water bottle return process, increases the productivity of the business, and increases customer satisfaction, which increases customer retention and decreases churn rate.

Benefits of using reverse logistics software

  • To keep track of empty bottles, customer-wise with delivery tracking software. Vendors can even advance charges to ‌customers in case they lose the bottle.
  • Vendors can reuse the collected empty bottles, which increases the sustainability of the business.
  • Empty bottles might incur financial losses. Having efficient reverse logistics avoids losses due to misplaced empty bottles.
  • Sometimes there might be a disparity between the customer and the vendor regarding the number of water bottles given to customers or the number of bottles collected. Having efficient reverse logistics removes this disparity and avoids customer disputes.
  • Effective reverse logistics systems help businesses collect empty bottles with appropriate data, which is time-efficient.

Key features of reverse logistics software

  • Customers, delivery drivers, and vendors can track empty water bottles from the customer interface, driver application, and admin panel, respectively.
  • Vendors can manage their extra bottles available, bottles in use, and empty bottles with customers from a single platform.
  • Vendors can set and charge security prices for the first water bottle purchased by customers. They can use that amount in case the customer loses an empty bottle.

Implementing efficient reverse logistics is crucial for water delivery businesses to track and manage bottles. Businesses can save costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost their sustainability. Using the right technology is important for the efficient management of water bottles. Water delivery App is an integrated platform for streamlining your water delivery business that automates and streamlines the entire water delivery process, including the reverse logistics for empty bottles. Schedule a call with our industry experts and see how our water delivery software can help you manage your empty water bottles without missing any.

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