Building an app for your water delivery business is not as expensive as you might think and offering a mobile app to your customers is one of the best strategies to grow your business.

Many people think that building a mobile app for their business is very expensive.

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While it’s true that highly customized and integrated apps might be out of your pocket, there are ways to build an app for less that can deliver the same value to your business.

What is Water Delivery Software

There are approximately 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world and the growth of mobile applications has been rapidly on the rise of smartphone users across the world.

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How do your sales and profit increase with mobile apps ?

  • Business owners can engage more customers
  • Easy to send push notifications to customers
  • Retarget your old customers
  • Provides your customers with personalized shopping experience

Customer engagement Customers can download the app sitting from home via play store and quickly connect with water delivery businesses to cater to their requirements. This increases customer’s engagement in your business as they can log in their customer app and view their order, their payment time, history and much more.

Push notifications Push notifications are an amazing way to remind and grab the attention of your customers to notify them of payments, order delivery and much more.

ravi garg, trakop, water delivery solutions, sales and profit increase with customizable mobile apps

Through the push notification features in the mobile app, you can also promote your new products or services to your frequent buyers according to their recent purchase history or retain them as loyal customers. 

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Retargeting audiences You can easily target your customers who are not active by offering them discounts. For example, Person A ordered daily from your store but recently there are no order placed by him, so with attractive order you can always grab their attention and retarget them.

Personalized shopping experience Customer’s app is separate so they can select their recent order and repeat it. History of the customer is saved so it’s hassle-free for them to repeat the order rather than going from top, again selecting the quantity of water, date and time of delivery. 

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See How We Can Help You Drive Massive Amounts of Profit

  • Customer App – automate online ordering for customers
  • Driver App – optimize delivery routes for faster deliveries
  • Sales & Analytics – know you business in details


Since the whole world is transforming, it’s important to change your business with modern technology to achieve your business goals. With the mentioned facts above, it will be easy for water delivery business owners to make water deliveries online and keep their customers happy.

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