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Are you into bottled water delivery services and looking for water delivery software?

If yes, you are at the right place. The article explores the requisites and the features of water delivery you should consider while choosing water delivery software.


The technology you invest in is something that you don’t buy frequently, so you want it to perfectly fit in with your business. This makes it critical that you conduct thorough research before investing.

While searching for the right software solutions can be quite tiresome, it is necessary. Before diving into the considerations, we’ll understand what water delivery software is.

What is water delivery software?

Water delivery software is an online technology that is designed especially for water distribution businesses. The software supports subscription-based scheduled deliveries and lets you capture on-demand orders on-field.

The software automates and simplifies business processes, starting from order processing and doorstep deliveries to billing and payment management, and reporting and analytics.

This delivery software automates ‘SIX’ business modules

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These modules are implemented in sync and work on three components of water delivery software, which are:

The Admin Panel (Web Platform)

A centralized platform that allows you to track and manage your entire business. You can view your customer’s orders and change the payments and wallet recharges they have made and the comments and suggestions they have left. You can place and modify customer orders, add or deduct money from their wallets, plan deliveries, send notifications and reminders, offer discounts and coupons, and track and manage your sales, customers, transactions, products, and inventory.

The customer interface (Website and mobile app (Android and iOS))

The customer interface is designed for customers and consists of a website and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Customers can place, edit, and cancel their orders, make payments, access order history and past invoices, track orders, and receive real-time updates.

The driver app (Android)

The water delivery driver app is for drivers to provide them with daily task clarity. The application allows drivers to create on-field new orders, mark deliveries, collect cash and online payments, and obtain proof of delivery.

Things to consider when choosing a water delivery software

Choosing a water delivery management software requires careful planning and research, considering various factors to ensure it meets your business needs. Here are crucial things to consider:

Research and planning

  • Market research – Search for and analyse top software providers in the market. You must look for reviews, case studies, and reports from the industry.
  • Analyse your competitors – Identify your competitors’ software and see how it benefits their operations.
  • Search for software providers – Learn about their reputation, experience, and reliability. Ask for customer testimonials and references.
  • Consult your stakeholders – Ask your major stakeholders to gather insights and expectations.

Requirements and budget

  • Business requirements – Understand and define your business needs, like deliveries, types of customers (residential and commercial), delivery areas, and any specific challenges.
  • Technical requirement – Learn technical specifics like mobile app compatibility, storage, and server that are required.
  • Budget – Determine and define your budget. Consider your initial and ongoing expenses, like subscription fees, maintenance, and support.

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Features of water delivery management software to look for

You must consider features that are crucial for streamlining the entire process of bottled water delivery. This combination of features aims to automate and optimize business processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The features of water delivery management software are:

  • Order managementOffers efficient order handling of subscriptions and one-time orders from placement to fulfilment. The system enables real-time tracking of order status and updates. It enables you and your customers to fetch order history details.
  • Delivery planning – The system automates route planning, minimizing delivery distance, time, and fuel costs.  The system offers flexible scheduling options for customers and enables efficient dispatch for drivers. You can define and manage delivery areas and routes.
  • Inventory managementYou can track and manage your stock in real time. This prevents stockouts and overstocking. The system allows you to track buffer stock given to your delivery driver. 
  • Payment collection and managementThe system offers a variety of payment gateway integrations. It allows customers to pay via credit cards, digital wallets, and in-app payments. It provides robust security measures to protect payment information. The software automates billing and invoicing to streamline financial management.
  • Customer management The system has detailed customer profiles with contact information, order history, and preferences. You can segment customers based on different criteria for targeted marketing. You can offer customized experiences to your customers to improve customer loyalty.
  • Real-time tracking – You and your customers can track delivery drivers and orders. Customers receive real-time order status updates and ETAs. You can track your drivers and see how much time they are taking to complete deliveries. This helps you track their performance.
  • Reports and analyticsCustomised reports on sales performance and revenue. These reports help you track and monitor the financial health of your business. Customer data, like order history, can help analyze customer behavior and preferences. You can track the key metrics, like delivery times, driver performance, and order fulfilment rates.
  • Empty bottle tracking – The system records empty bottles collected from customers by the delivery drivers on the driver app. The recorder quantity is auto-updated on the admin screen. You can manage empty bottle deposit refunds and exchanges.
  • Promotions and coupons – You can give discounts by creating discounts and special offers. You can generate and track coupon codes for promotions. Offering special discounts helps engage and retain customers.
  • On-field marketing features – The drivers can place new orders for new and existing customers. The drivers can create customer profiles and place orders for them. Your delivery drivers can edit orders and cancel or reschedule deliveries in run-time. Your drivers can collect cash and update the application, which gets automatically updated on the admin panel.
  • Notifications and remindersYou can send manual and automated notifications. You can send SMS, email, or push notifications. Order status updates are automated. You can manually send promotions, discounts, and special offer notifications. You can send pending payments or low-wallet balance notifications.

User interface and experience

  • User-friendly – The system should be user-friendly and have an easy-to-navigate interface for vendors.
  • Customer app – The app should offer smooth and hassle-free customer interactions, from placing orders to tracking deliveries.
  • Driver app – The delivery driver app should be a simple and efficient interface for drivers to manage deliveries and communicate with customers.

Integration capability

  • CRM system – A customer relationship management system is crucial with this ERP solution to manage your customers. The CRM system will enable you to offer personalised experience.
  • Payment gateways – Integrating popular payment processors for smooth payment processing.
  • Communication tools – Integration of email, SMS, and push notification services to foster transparency among customers and drivers.

Demo of the system

  • Request for a demo – Ask the water delivery software providers for a live demonstration of the software to see it in action.
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  • Customer App – automate online ordering for customers
  • Driver App – optimize delivery routes for faster deliveries
  • Sales & Analytics – know you business in details

How can water delivery software help your business?

Water delivery software offers various benefits such as automating and optimizing operations to enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs. Some of the advantages of implementing water delivery software are:

Streamlined business processes

  • Automated ordering – Allows customers to place orders digitally from customer apps. The customers do not have to call or message about their orders, making the process hassle-free.
  • Automated assigning – Automatically assign deliveries to the drivers based on their allotted route, making dispatching time efficient and ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Route optimisation – Creates the shortest delivery path for making deliveries, reducing fuel consumption and the impact of carbon footprinting.
  • Automated invoicing – Generates invoices automatically, reducing administrative work and the chances of errors and reworks.
  • Automated Invoicing – Generates invoices automatically, reducing administrative work.
  • Multiple Payment Options –  Supports various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and subscriptions.

Improved customer service

  • Convenience to customers – Allows customers to order from their mobile easily. They can easily make payments online without worrying about getting cash.
  • Multiple payment options – Gives flexibility to your customers to make their payments. This improves customer experience and ensures a consistent flow of cash.
  • Transparency – Improves the brand’s trustworthiness and builds its image. The features, like real-time order status updates, GPS tracking, and easy communication, foster transparency.
  • Customised service – Makes your customers feel special and boosts brand loyalty. The integrated CRM system allows you to offer customised services.

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Consistent positive cash flow

  • Payment reminders – Allow customers to make prompt payments. You can send pending and low wallet balance reminder notifications.
  • Subscription model – Ensures a consistent and realised inflow of cash.

Reduces operational costs

  • Delivery costs – Are decreased with route optimisation. It minimises fuel consumption and costs.
  • Lower head cost – Automation minimises human interference and the cost of hiring them.
  • Administrative costs –Digitization removes the need for paperwork and manual billing processes, reducing costs.

Sustainability and scalability

  • Reduces carbon footprints – Promotes sustainability. Reduced fuel consumption and the delivery path result in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Flexible system – Allows you to cater to as many customers without breaking down.


Choosing the right water delivery software is an important decision that can help you improve the efficiency and success of your business. Consider several factors, like the features and functionalities of the software, user-friendliness, scalability, integration capabilities, customer support, and costs. Make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring long-term business success.

Contact us to learn more about water delivery software and see the software in action.

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