Going paperless entails avoiding the usage of paper documents entirely. This generally entails exchanging paper receipts and files with digital files and receipts. For instance, instead of all those tax paperwork, you might use cloud-based accounting software. In addition, instead of receiving paper bills, you may contact your utility company to set up online billing.


Paperless businesses are chosen for a variety of reasons, ranging from environmental concerns to economic savings. Here are a handful of the more well-known advantages.

Sifting through your drawer or filing cabinet every time you need a document might be time-consuming. Paper, on the other hand, creates a lot of mess. To reduce clutter and make items simpler to discover, digital versions may simply be tagged and organized into the appropriate folders.

Email and collaborative tools are often faster than snail mail and paper memos in terms of communication. Going paperless allows you to obtain immediate answers to key queries and send brief communications to customers with ease.

According to reports, globally, an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually. Printing has costs associated with it, such as paper, ink, and the equipment themselves. Choosing digital choices allows you to save money on these line items. You can even get a discount on some invoices if you save your suppliers money on postage. 


Easy access: Cloud storage allows you to access data from any location. It may be devastating if you forget a key paper for a customer meeting. However, with digital storage, you can get what you need quickly and effortlessly from your smartphone or laptop.

  • Scalability of business

Scale & Expand faster to bigger areas with defined process automation. With defined process automation, low training cost for new hiring.

  • Low Carbon Emission

Going paperless, less time per delivery, less ideal vehicle time, hence less fuel burning >> low carbon emission. Optimized routes to follow the shortest path, resulting in less fuel burning and hence, low emission.

  • Increases Efficiency

Delivery people now take 40% less time per delivery, hence more deliveries can happen per delivery person, boosting efficiency by 40%. All manual reports and reconciliations are done automatically, increasing the efficiency of the accounts person. Business decisions can be made faster with business health reports.

  • Increase customer retention

Paperless payments reduce manual reconciliations at the customer end, reducing billing disputes, henceforth boosting retention.

  • Data Protection and Easy Access

Going Digital will Secure information on the cloud, and easy access to historical reports protects from being lost, torn, or destroyed.

Finally, going paperless results in a more ecologically friendly and productive workplace. You can boost staff productivity, save money by reducing wasted space, cut down on time spent looking for papers, simplify compliance obligations, and improve customer service. To get a detailed information, request a free demo about the bottled water delivery management software

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