Technological advancements and digitisation have made life much more easy and comfortable. Although efficient and fast online delivery services have improved customer experience, it has become difficult for businesses to maintain their profitability without compromising the efficiency of the business.  

This article discusses some tips for improving your water business’ efficiency with delivery management software.

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Delivery management software is a powerful tool that can help water delivery businesses efficiently schedule orders, and manage and optimise their deliveries. The software along with giving complete control of the entire business also allows business owners to get an end-to-end visibility of the operations.               

How does delivery management software help in improving the efficiency of the water delivery business?

Delivery management software includes an admin panel, a driver application and a customer interface that works in sync promoting transparency in the business. It is a platform that automates and optimises the business and improves its efficiency, productivity and profitability. Improved efficiency results in improved customer experience and net profit.   

Top features of delivery management software that help water delivery businesses to improve their efficiency 

Automates and streamlines the business

The software automates the entire business operations like; order management, stock management, route management, and payment management. Automating the business allows businesses to manage and track from a single screen. Automation and streamlining the business removes the need for hiring extra staff and makes the business cost-effective along with making it time-efficient.  

Auto-assign and route optimising

The delivery scheduling software integrated with this software, auto-assigns the orders to the delivery drivers according to the routes allotted and optimises the delivery route. It auto-calculates and creates the shortest delivery route which reduces the turnaround time and also reduces the fuel costs.     

Live tracking

The software allows businesses and customers to track their orders in real time. It also calculates the estimated time of arrival for the customers. It is the best delivery tracking software that is highly efficient that can help you obtain accurate and real-time updates on deliveries. 

Multiple payment options

The software automates payment collection, recovery and reconciliation. It offers multiple payment integration options that give customers flexibility in making payments. Pending payment and low balance reminders are some of the crucial features that make sure that customers pay their bills on time.   

Manage orders

Bottled water delivery businesses are mostly run subscription-based where the orders are to be delivered regularly in a predefined frequency for a set period of time. The software automates the order management system starting from order acceptance to order fulfilment. The software allows customers to place, edit or cancel their orders digitally hassle-free. It auto-generates order summaries and invoices and sends live order status updates.  

Water Delivery Solutions- Best delivery management software

The water delivery solution is an online tool specially created to cater for the needs of water delivery businesses. It allows water delivery businesses to manage both subscription and one-time orders and track empty water bottles and payments. Managing the water delivery business feels like an easy task, however, it can become a tedious job once the number of customers increases. If you are looking forward to automating your water delivery business but are confused about the “How”, feel free to discuss with our industry experts: Book a meeting  

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