Scaling and growing is the ultimate aim of any business. Dispatching and scheduling might seem easy to handle the process, however, as the business expands and the number of customers increases, this can become a daunting task to do manually. 

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The water delivery business is no different. Dispatching and scheduling software is a tool that can help businesses to automate the whole process of dispatching and scheduling while cutting off the extra costs and making the process more efficient. 

This article explains the “why” behind using dispatch and scheduling software in the bottled water industry.

There are 6 key reasons why your bottled water business needs dispatching and scheduling software

Smooth operations- The software streamlines and automates the dispatching and scheduling process which makes it work seamlessly. The intuitive dashboard for vendors allows them to get complete visibility of the operation and track drivers.

Increased customer satisfaction- Route optimization and automated scheduling helps in making on-time and accurate deliveries. In addition, the software also generates real-time order status updates which enhances the customers’ experience and increases the customer retention rates. 

Higher transparency- The software generates concrete data on deliveries which allows businesses to track and also supervise the delivery persons. The workflow tracking of drivers and vehicles to measure their performance and vehicle usage. 

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Increase reliability- The software auto-generates real-time order status updates and allows customers and vendors to live-track the delivery person. This allows customers and vendors to know the status of the orders and deliveries in real-time. The system also generates the estimated time of delivery enhancing the customer experience. The software can also be used to put drivers and customers in direct contact with each other. This not only helps businesses in managing internal operations but also in increasing customer satisfaction scores.

Reduce manual dependency- The confusion in delivery schedules can lead to wrong deliveries which are not acceptable. The automated scheduling system auto-schedules the deliveries as preferred by the customers. It results in accurate order dispatching and scheduling mitigating the chances of human errors and amplifying the speed of the process.

Effective communication- The dispatching and scheduling software automates the process and allows the auto-assigning of the orders and minimises the chances of errors. The delivery drivers and customers can contact each other in case of emergency.  This avoids any kind of miscommunication and disputes between customers and businesses. 

Dispatching and scheduling software helps bottled water businesses to make the delivery process efficient while maintaining transparency between the customers and business, and drivers and business. Using effective dispatching and scheduling software can help in tracking and managing the deliveries from a single platform.

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