With increasing demand and customers, manual dispatching and scheduling can be a time-consuming and tedious task to do. Dispatching and scheduling software is a tool that centralises and automates the vital processes of delivery. The software automates the assigning of orders to the drivers, scheduling delivery time, delivering the water bottles and obtaining proof of delivery. 

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Any delay in order dispatching can result in delayed deliveries. Automated dispatching, therefore, eliminates the guesswork ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.   

Here is all you need to learn about the dispatching and scheduling software, its benefits and its importance in the bottled water delivery business.

Why does a water delivery business need dispatching and scheduling software?

  • Any error in manual dispatching and scheduling can lead to delayed deliveries
  • Managing data manually is expensive. It requires both resources and extra staff to handle the data.
  • The chances of miscommunications are higher as there is minimum communication
  • Customers and vendors are unable to track their orders and delivery drivers or get any real-time order status. 
  • The route is not optimised and can result in higher turnaround time and fuel costs.   
  • The businesses do not have any proof of delivery for the orders. 

ravi garg, wds, drivers, scheduling, water delivery, proof of delivery

What are the benefits of dispatching and scheduling?

  • The system allows businesses to automate their dispatching and scheduling process making it time-efficient and cost-effective. 
  • The admin dashboard offered by the software allows businesses to track their entire dispatching and scheduling process.
  • The software Automates the entire process and doesn’t require extra hiring of manpower for handling the process
  • Dispatching and scheduling management software promotes transparent communication and ensures on-time deliveries.

Importance of dispatching and scheduling software

  • The software can automate the dispatching and scheduling process and make the process work seamlessly. 
  • The route can be optimised resulting in on-time and accurate deliveries. 
  • Businesses can track delivery drivers and vehicles. 
  • The bottled water delivery businesses can get real-time order status updates and live-track the delivery person.   
  • The software can help in making correct order dispatching and scheduling and minimises the chances of human errors.
  • Automating dispatching and scheduling allows the auto-assigning of orders and minimises the chances of errors. 

The dispatching and scheduling software integrated with bottled water delivery software gives full visibility and control of the process to the business owners. It doesn’t matter whether you have two or ten delivery drivers and vehicles you would always want to have complete control over the process and track all the activities. 

If you are looking for software that can give you entire control of the business and help increase the efficiency of the delivery process: Join us for a Brief Demo to see how our dispatching and scheduling software can help.

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