Dispatching and scheduling software is a tool that automates the routing and scheduling processes which ensures efficient coordination of routes while mitigating extra fuel costs. 

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If you are curious to know how this can help you make your water deliveries efficient and accurate. Keep reading!

Dispatch and scheduling software is combined with bottled water delivery software that makes sure that delivery drivers have accurate and timely information about deliveries. Some of the main features include:

Auto-assign new orders 

Real-time tracking 


Rescheduling & Cancellation 

Auto-generated notification

Proof of shipping and delivery

Auto-generated business reports

Here is all you need to know about the aforementioned features of dispatching and scheduling software in detail and how these can help your business achieve an edge.

Top 7 features of dispatching and scheduling software

Auto–assign new orders

The system automatically accepts and assigns the new order to the delivery driver to whom the particular route is assigned. This makes the dispatching process fast and accurate which results in timely deliveries. The software automates the delivery scheduling process and the drivers can have an updated delivery task list on the drivers’ app. This saves time and allows drivers to act on them in the first instant.   

Real-time tracking

The dispatching and scheduling software allows vendors and customers to track the deliveries in real time. The system also generates an estimated time of arrival at which the customers can expect to receive the order. The delivery timelines can make an impression of trustworthiness and increase customer satisfaction scores adding value to the brand.   

ravi garg, wds, tracking, features, notification, shipping, delivery, water delivery, business


Route optimisation is a very important feature of dispatching and scheduling software that plans and creates the shortest delivery path. The software reduces the delivery turnaround time and shrinks fuel costs. Real-time route optimisation helps delivery drivers to deliver the order more efficiently and accurately.   

Rescheduling & cancellation 

The customers can reschedule or cancel the order directly from the customer interface. This removes the hassle of calling the vendor and reduces the chances of error. The rescheduled or cancelled order gets auto-updated on the admin panel and drivers’ application.  

Auto-generated notifications

The dispatching and scheduling software auto-generates the order status notifications and sends them to the customers which keeps them updated on their orders. These notification updates are also sent to the vendors on the admin panel to track the order status and assure that the order is shipped and delivered on time. 

Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery is an acknowledgement taken from the customers that they have received the order from the delivery person. The dispatching and scheduling software allows drivers to take proof of delivery in form of a digital signature or OTP. The proof of delivery is updated on the admin panel, driver app and customer app.    

Auto-generated business reports

The system auto-generates various reports on sales and customers in the form of visual diagrams and charts. The system also generates stock reports, delivery reports and payment reports. These reports can be studied and analysed by the business to plan and strategise future sales. 

The dispatching and scheduling software helps in eliminating delays in deliveries by identifying the bottleneck in the process. Automating the dispatching and scheduling increases the productivity and efficiency of the delivery process and optimises the delivery costs.

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