The dispatching and scheduling process is getting complicated with the increasing number of customers and their demand for fast deliveries. The water delivery business is no exception. 

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The dispatching and scheduling software automates the process by auto-assigning the orders to the drivers, scheduling the order delivery time, delivering the ordered water bottles and obtaining proof of delivery. 

Automating the dispatching and scheduling with the water delivery software process plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the delivery process ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. 

5 main benefits of using dispatching and scheduling software

Increases efficiency

As the number of order and delivery staff increases, managing the dispatching and scheduling process manually becomes time-consuming and expensive. The system allows businesses to automate their dispatching and scheduling process making it time-efficient and cost-effective. 

Optimal visibility 

The software allows businesses to track their entire dispatching and scheduling process from the admin dashboard. They get all the data on current and future tasks assigned to the particular drivers and evaluate their performance. The vendors can access the details of drivers’ work history, documents, and other related information from the system. 

Automates deliveries

The dispatching and scheduling software automates the entire process and doesn’t require extra hiring of manpower for handling the process. Automating the entire process reduces costs and minimises the chances of error. 

ravi garg, wds, benefits, business, customer, satisfaction, visibility, efficiency, dispatching

Customer satisfaction

Effective dispatching and scheduling management drive transparent communication and assure on-time deliveries. Customers prefer honest conversation may it be about delayed deliveries. Real-time order status updates, live tracking, direct communication, and proof of delivery enhance the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).     

Accurate scheduling 

The software uses pre-defined past data to accurately schedule the order deliveries. Most water businesses work on a subscription basis and define a particular schedule for deliveries. The orders are assigned to the drivers for deliveries according to the selected schedule by the customers.  

Dispatching and scheduling software has become essential for making accurate and efficient deliveries. Integration of the right dispatching and scheduling software can help businesses in reducing delivery costs and minimises the chances of human errors. 

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