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Deliveries are the most crucial part of any business which is why, it becomes crucial for businesses to manage the scheduled businesses efficiently to improve customer satisfaction and the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). A good delivery scheduling software can help businesses especially subscription-based to keep the business organised and manage it.

Scheduling deliveries are commonly part of subscription-based businesses like milk delivery businesses or bottled water delivery businesses. In this blog, we will learn the ways in which you can optimise your scheduled deliveries with the help of delivery scheduling software.

Top 5 tips for optimising the deliveries with delivery scheduling software

Automate order management
The order management process involves centralising all the orders, picking, packing, auto-assigning and auto-dispatch, and order fulfilment. Delivery software help businesses to automate and streamline these processes to improve the efficiency of the business. The customers place their one-time or subscription orders digitally that can be modified or cancelled later. The order summary and invoices are auto-generated and the live order status updates are sent to the customers.

ravi garg, wds, tips, deliveries, optimisation, delivery, scheduling, water delivery business

Automated payment system
An automated payment system helps in payment collection, recovery and reconciliation. The software offers multiple payment options that offer customers flexibility in making payments that enhance the customer experience and improves customer satisfaction scores. The software allows customers to pay either online (credit or debit card, payment gateways like Gpay, Paypal, Stripe, and Sagepay) or via cash. The system ensures customers pay on time and helps in improving the positive cash flow by sending automated late payment reminders and low wallet balance reminders.

Auto-generated stock reports
The software also has automated stock management integrated into its system. The system auto-generates stock reports that include precise information about the amount of stock available, the total amount of stock required to fulfil customers’ demand and the extra amount of stock that needs to be procured. Having precise information avoid businesses from getting out stocked and overstocked and prevent businesses from financial losses.

Auto-assign and optimise the delivery
The system auto-assigns orders to the delivery drivers according to the delivery routes alloted to them. While the delivery route is optimised and the shortest distance path is created for making deliveries which reduce the turnaround time and also help save fuel cost. Efficient route optimisation assists in improving the businesses’ sustainability score.

Automatic notifications
The delivery software auto-generates real-time status updates and sends them to the customers which increases customer satisfaction and keeps them content. The system also allows customers to live track their orders and provide them with ETAs.

The delivery scheduling system is a powerful tool that can help you and your business grow and scale. It is crucial for businesses to opt for such technology if they want to survive in the market. The software automates the entire business operations that allow business owners to focus on growing and scaling the business instead of worrying about the operations. If you are also looking forward to taking your busines to the next level and want to discuss your plan, Book a Meeting with our experts and see how we can help.

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