Bottled water delivery software is an integrated platform that automates entire business operations from start to end. The platform gives business to have complete visibility, get accurate stats at optimised costs.     

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The water delivery software helps water businesses make time-efficient and cost-effective, increasing productivity and profitability.  

Here is all you need to know how bottled water delivery software works and helps streamline your water business processes. 

Nine essential features of bottled water delivery software  

Unallocated address- Unallocated addresses are those that are outside your serviceable areas, but have tried to order from you. The system record those addresses along with the detail filled in by the customers. Business owners can fetch this detail from the system and plan to expand the business strategically.  

Route optimisation- Route optimisation is a crucial feature of bottled water delivery software that optimises the delivery route and creates the shortest path to deliver the order. The shortest delivery path ensures reduced turnaround time and timely delivery. On-time deliveries increase customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). It also helps in cutting-off extra fuel costs.   

Reports- The system generates important reports like sales reports (month and annually), payment reports (paid and pending payments), stock reports (stock available, stock required, and extra stock to be collected), and cash collected reports (the cash collected by the driver on the run-time). These reports when created manually are time-consuming and error-prone. It gives businesses complete visibility on how the business is performing based on which they can plan their future business strategies.     

Multiple payment modes- The bottled water delivery software offers multiple payment integrations which give customers flexibility in making payments. The system allows customers to pay online (debit or credit cards, wallets, and payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and SagePay) or via cash. The cash collected by the driver is entered into the system with the proof of payment (either signatures or OTP or both) as pre-defined by the business from the backend.   

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Multiple language support- Customers can choose from a wide range of easy-to-understand languages provided by the software. Offering a multi-lingual platform helps in capturing localized customers. This increases the customers’ experience and retention rate. 

Live order tracking- The system allows live tracking of the order and delivery persons. The businesses can live-track the delivery vehicles and delivery drivers which allows them to measure the drivers’ performance and get complete data on vehicle usage. The customers get live order status updates and can live track the order delivery.    

Auto-assign drivers- When a particular route is assigned, the system automatically assigns the order to the driver who is assigned that route. The business owner pre-defines the routes and drivers. This automates the order despatching process and makes it efficient.   

Analyse business performance- The admin panel or business dashboard gives business important insights on the business performance. These include reports on sales, customer analytics and sentiments, and inventory report. These reports give detailed health reports of the business and help plan effective sales strategies.         

Refer and earn- Referral promotion or “referral advertising” is a marketing strategy in which present clients refer new clients with an incentive. The software allows businesses to use this strategy to acquire new customers. The value for referring is pre-defined by the business which can then be used by the customers on their next purchase. 

These advanced features of bottled water delivery software help water businesses streamline business processes, analyse business performance and promote the brand. The system removes paperwork and reduces the chances of errors. 

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