The admin dashboard or admin panel is a platform that lets the admin or business owners manage and operate the entire business; giving visibility and control over drivers’ applications and customers’ interfaces. It is considered the main component of bottled water delivery software.

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Here’s all you’ll need to know about the admin panel and how can it help water delivery businesses. 

6 Crucial features of the smart admin dashboard

Business Overview- The admin panel stores all the details of the customers registered along with the detail of past and current one-time and subscription orders. The admin can make changes to the status of the orders from the platform. The platform also generates sales reports monthly and annually along with the total payment received and the amount of payment yet to be received.   

Customer details- The platform allows the business owners or the admin to access the data of active subscription users, expired subscription users, and customers whose subscription is about to end in seven days. The system also fetches information about the customers who are trying to place the order but do not belong to the serviceable area. This information allows businesses to see potential customers and convert them into actual customers.  

History of all Subscriptions- The admin can access the detail of order history, the number of repeat orders paused and cancelled subscriptions and the customers to are about to cancel their subscriptions. This data helps business owners understand their customers’ sentiments and imply strategies to increase the customer retention rate. 

Sales report- The platform generates precise sales reports monthly and annually. Business owners can also review pending payments to be collected, total payment collection, and payment collected by the driver. These payment insights help businesses reconcile the payments at the end of the month. Auto-updation of payment details reduces human errors.  

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Complete inventory detail- The admin panel of the water delivery software generates detailed inventory reports ensuring that the business never goes out of business. The report includes the available stock, the total stock that is required and the extra stock needed to fulfil the customers’ demand. Having precise inventory detail makes sure that no order is left unfulfilled.  

Create new orders- The business owners can also create or modify the customers’ orders on their behalf. This feature can be helpful for retaining customers who aren’t very tech-friendly. 

Admin dashboard of bottled water delivery software work in sync with driver and customer applications. All the activities are done on the driver application and the customer application is auto-updated on the admin panel. 

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