The bottled water customer application is a platform designed specifically for customers and is available on a website or software application. The customer application enhances the customers’ ordering, payment and tracking process and engages with customers.  

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In this blog, we’ll discuss all the features of bottled water customer applications of bottled water delivery software and how can it make your water delivery efficient. 

Features of bottled water customer application

Place one-time and subscription orders- Customers can place one-time and subscription orders directly from the customers’ application. The new one-time and subscription orders placed from the customer application are auto-updated on the admin panel and the driver application. 

  • Removes manual order data entry and the chances of human errors
  • Streamlines order management process 

Updates on upcoming orders- Auto-generated live upcoming order status updates are sent to the customers. These notifications help customers to track their order status and increase the customer experience. 

  • Increases customer satisfaction and promotes transparency
  • Avoid hiring extra staff for customer service

Modify the orders- The customers can modify, pause, resume and cancel their one-time and subscription orders from the customers’ interface without any hassle. These edits can be made before the cut-off time pre-defined by the businesses. 

  • Reduce chances of errors
  • Eases the process for customers

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Make online and cod payments- The customer application offers multiple payment options including online (credit or debit cards, application wallet, payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Sagepay, etc) and offline payment (COD).  Offering multiple options for making payments gives customers flexibility for making payments.

  • Offer customers flexibility in paying bills
  • Prepaid options allow businesses to get enough funds to fulfil future customer demand without going back on money

Feedback on service products- The customer interface allows customers to give feedback on the product or services and even suggestions to the business. This allows businesses to know their flaws and work on them while increasing the customer experience.  

  • Enhances customer experience
  • Allow businesses to understand their flaws and work on them   

Track orders and driver’s location-  Customers can track their orders and the driver’s location in real time. They can also contact the delivery person in case of changes in order or delayed delivery.   

  • Updates customers about their orders
  • Increases the customer satisfaction scores and retention rate

Refer and earn- The businesses can offer customers the refer and earn option and pre-decide the value of points earned. The customers can use the value in their next purchase. Refer and earn is one of the most used marketing strategies to acquire new customers.  

  • Allow customers to acquire new customers and retain old ones
  • The refer and earn market strategy is cost-ineffective

Multi-lingual application- The businesses can offer customers multiple language options according to customers’ preferences. Customers can choose the language they understand for the content of the application. The application can be viewed in the selected language by the customer.  

  • Increases the customer experience and gratification

Bottled water delivery software not only eases the customer’s experience but also streamlines the ordering process making it efficient. Any changes made by the customers are auto-updated on the admin panel which reduces the chances of error.  

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