Bottled water delivery software is a platform that allows water delivery businesses to automate their entire business operations. With expanding global bottled water delivery industry at an explicit and exponential pace requires businesses to improve their productivity, efficiency and profitability to survive the market.   

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Some facts about bottle delivery software 

  • Between 2020 and 2027, the bottled water delivery industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1%
  • The industry is projected to touch the mark of $285.43 USD by 2027.
  • Clean and healthy drinking water is the main driver of the industry.
  • Water delivery is largely dominated by local businesses.

Another way of putting it is that the water delivery market is growing rapidly, which will lead to increased competition. 

What are your plans for this increasing competition?

According to Erick Brethenoux (VP analyst at Gartner), “The survey has shown that enterprises are shifting away from a purely tactical approach to AI and beginning to apply AI more strategically,”

In this article, you’ll learn about what bottled water delivery software is and how can it help you automate your water delivery business.  

How does water delivery software play an important role in the bottled water delivery business?

Automate the ordering process- Bottled water delivery software automates the entire business starting from order acceptance to order fulfilment. Automating the water business operation streamlines them and reduces the chances of errors. It allows business owners to focus on expanding and growing instead of worrying about operations. 

How does automation help in streamlining business operations?

  • The bottle delivery business is a subscription business whose services are required after a definite period of time by the customers. Business owners can manage their subscription orders and allow customers to place orders and receive deliveries on a daily, alternate or custom basis with bottled water software.   
  • The customers can modify and reorder the previous orders directly from the customer application before the cut-off time predefined by the customers. Customers can also edit or cancel their orders from the customer app. 
  • Live order status is auto-generated which allows customers and business owners to live track the drivers and the orders. 
  • The bottled water delivery software offers a wallet option for customers who can add money to the wallet and place orders. Providing a wallet option to customers can be defined by the business owners from the admin panel. 
  • The order summary and invoices are auto-generated and are sent to the customers via email and sms.    
  • Customers can give feedback on services, products & suggestions leads to Customer Satisfaction. 

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Future Inventory predictions- The bottled water delivery software generates a detailed inventory report. The report includes details about inventory available in the warehouse, inventory required to fulfil the customers’ demand, and the extra inventory required to fulfil that demand.  

How does inventory report help in business?

  • Ensures that the business never goes out of stock
  • Removes the need for extra hands to count the stock
  • Reduces chances of human errors while counting the stock

Automate route planning- Auto-route optimisation is one of the important features of the software that ensure timely deliveries. This feature optimises the delivery route and creates the shortest path for drivers to deliver the orders reducing the total turnaround time.

How does auto-route optimisation help in making the business efficient?

  • Reduces the turnaround time
  • Cuts-off the fuel costs

Automate notifications- The software auto-generates notifications about order status (order accepted, despatched, and delivered), pending bills, and already paid bills. The businesses can also create a specific notification manually about any new product launched, offers, or discounts.

How automated notifications help water businesses?

  • Pending bill notification ensures customers pay on time which improves the positive cash flow
  • Promotes transparency and increases the customers’ experience
  • Increases the customer retention rate and decreases the churn rate 

Automated payment collection- Linked-based invoices are auto-generated and sent to the customers via email and sms. Customers can also access their invoices from the customer application.  Customers can choose to pay their bills either directly from the invoice or from the customer application. The software offers multiple payment integrations that give customers flexibility in making payments.  

How does automating payment collection help water delivery businesses?

  • Helps in payment reconciliation
  • Gives flexibility to customers to pay their bills, increases the customer satisfaction scores
  • Removes chances of human errors    

Reverse logistics of empty water bottles- The software also is capable of tracking and keeping records of empty water bottles. The drivers can enter the number of bottles given and taken customer-wise.

How does tracking empty water bottles help water delivery businesses?

  • Avoid missing the bottles
  • Gives precise detail of empty bottle water bottles

Auto-generated reports for analysis- The bottled water delivery software auto-generates reports like sales analytical reports, customer analytical and sentiments, and inventory reports. 

How do these reports help businesses?

  • Allow customers to understand the current health of the business
  • Analysing and studying these reports help businesses to plan future sales   

Live track- The software allows business owners to live-track their drivers, and track the cash and empty water bottles collected by a particular driver from the admin panel. The business owners and customers can check the order status of the order. 

How does live tracking help water businesses?

  • Helps in tracking the performance of the business
  • Keep accurate detail of vehicle and data usage 

Automate delivery process- The software enables auto-dispatch and assigns the order to the driver to whom the particular route has been allocated. The total stock quantity to be collected and delivered by the driver is auto-updated on the driver’s application. The software allows drivers to take proof of delivery and payment if the customer is paying via cash. The drivers can check their delivery history and the cash collected from the drivers’ interface. Drivers can also acquire new customers from the drivers’ interface and place new orders for them. The delivery routes are pre-auto-optimised which reduces the total turnaround time. 

How does automating the delivery process optimise the business?

  • Ensure accurate and timely deliveries
  • cuts-of extra fuel costs
  • Increases the customer experience

Bottled water delivery software allows water businesses to keep pace with the growing competition in the water industry. The software streamlines business operations and lets businesses plan their future sales. 

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