Scalability in the water delivery business refers to the ability of the water delivery business to be productive, profitable, and efficient regardless of the market demand and conditions. Water delivery businesses mostly scale by expanding their serviceable area. 

Here is all you need to know on how you can scale your business, what automation technologies can be used and how can they help in the scalability of your bottled water business.


Factors to consider while scaling up the bottled water business

Using right technology

Using the right technology streamlines business operations allowing businesses to focus more on scaling the business instead of on business operations. The bottled water business requires specific technology that not only provides order fulfilment management and also includes tracking and managing empty bottle returns. This makes it crucial to choose the right technology for the bottled water business. Bottled water delivery software is a powerful integrated platform to streamline the entire water business. 

Lower operational costs and high productivity

For a bottled business to scale, it is important that the business has minimum operation costs and higher efficiency. Efficient business operations allow businesses to focus on scalability instead of business operations. 

Understanding the consumer demand

Understanding the target audience is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to scaling the business. The bottled water business is audience specific and requires a good understanding of its potential customers. It is important to have a deep understanding of the total accessible area (TAM), serviceable accessible market (SAM), and serviceable obtainable market (SOM).

What automation technologies can help in the scalability of the bottled water business? 

Automating the business helps in simplifying the business operation and allows businesses to spare time to plan and strategize on scaling the business.   

Automated order management system

The order management system is an automated platform that centralizes all the orders placed by the customers, tracks the order, and fulfils the order. 

Benefits of automated order management in scaling the bottled water business

  • The system allows customers to place or modify their bottled water order via the customer interface on their own which is then auto-updated on the admin panel and the admin can accept or reject the order. 
  • The order is then picked, packed, and dispatched an order is fulfilled. 
  • The system also allows customers to make “on-fly order” modifications.

Automated payment management system

The bottled water business is a subscription-based business where the invoices are generated weekly or monthly according to the preferences set by the business owner. An efficient payment management system ensures positive cash flow.

Benefits of automated payment management in scaling the bottled water business

  • The invoices are auto-generated and are sent to the customers via linked-based email or sms. 
  • Customers can pay the bills either online (through a debit card, credit card, payment gateways, and wallets) or offline (via cash). 
  • The system also allows the admin to send payment reminder emails or sms for pending payments which helps in payment reconciliation. 

Auto-generation of business reports

Automation integration creates detailed business reports that include sales reports, customer sentiment analytics, and future stock forecasting report. 

Benefits of auto-generated business reports in scaling the bottled water business

  • These detailed business reports allow businesses to plan and make future strategies to scale the bottled water business. 
  • Ensures that the business has an optimum amount of stock to fulfil future customer demand. 

Bottle return management system

Bottle return is one of the most distinctive features of the bottled water business. 

Benefits of bottle return management in scaling the bottled water business

  • The businesses keep track and record the bottles, which can be a tiresome job if done manually. 
  • Bottles can be tracked and managed via this system. 
  • Removes human errors and the chances of misplacing empty bottles.

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How does technology assist in scaling the bottled water business?

Automates the business processes

The use of technology has simplified and made the business process more efficient while reducing the chances of human errors. Technology has automated the order management process, payment management process, and stock management process. 

How does automation help in scaling the bottled water business?

  • Automation has resulted in ease in order placement and order modification process, faster deliveries, reduced turnabout time, flexible payment options, and lowered operational costs.
  • It has given the entire control over the operations to the business owner who can have a bird’s eye view over all the activities of the business. 
  • Using technology simplifies the distribution process among drivers and helps in optimizing the delivery routes. 

Cost-effective business operations 

Technology integration streamlines the processes and increases the productivity and profitability of the business while making the operations cost-effective. 

How do cost-effective business operations help in scaling the bottled water business?

  • Bottled water businesses can manage their deliveries on their own instead of depending on delivery aggregators or third-party logistics which is much cheaper. 
  • Auto-updation of data on systems and remove the need for manual data entry.
  • Route-optimization feature has allowed businesses to create the shortest delivery path and saves extra fuel costs. 

Enhances customers’ experience

The use of technology allows order status updates, and create order summary and invoice that helps promote transparency between the business and the customer. 

Ease in order placement and modification, stock management, and real-time tracking result in on-time order delivery which eventually leads to increased customer experience.

How does customer experience help in scaling the bottled water business?

  • Transparency helps in trust building and showcases the reliability of the brand. 
  • Real-time updates about the orders keep the customers content while improving their customers’ experience.
  • Good customer service bring referrals to the brands which are 
  • It also increases businesses’ customer satisfaction scores and customer retention. 

Scalability in the bottled water business can be tedious to achieve without proper directions and assistance. According to Business Research Insight, “The market size value of the water delivery business is expected to rise up to USD 26,250 Mn by 2028. 

Using water delivery software to automate bottled water business operations can help in reducing operational costs while increasing productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

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