When selecting delivery software for the water delivery business, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to survive

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  1. Subscription options:- It’s very important to make your customer sustainable for a longer time for business growth. With water delivery software, your customers can get monthly or yearly subscription packages. The software provides the possibility to subscribe for a longer period of time, allowing the owners of water delivery services to make even more money. In the subscription option, below we have further two categories that are very helpful in customer sustainable
    • Infinite Subscription:- The first one is an infinity subscription, it is the best method to keep customers interested for a longer time with an unlimited subscription option. The water delivery software allows users to interact with the product indefinitely.
    • Subscription package discount:-Secondly, with the help of software, you can give your customer a subscription package discount.  The ideal strategy for establishing a rapport with them and winning their trust is to engage them for a longer period of time.
  2. Improve customer experience:- The primary key to business growth is the customer experience. With the help of software, you can improve your customer experience from signup to order delivery at the customer’s doorstep, the software helps to make the customer experience easier. Below are some points which help to improve your customer experience.
    • Easy to place recurring orders:- The primary advantage is how simple it is to create recurring orders with a single click. The main benefit is that customers can create recurring orders independently rather than having to contact the owner repeatedly. This saves both the owner of the water delivery service and the clients a great deal of time and work
    • Easy way of payment:-The water delivery software gives customers a variety of payment options for easy payment. Your customer can easily done the payment by using different options like cash on delivery or digital payment, depending on their preference.
    • Real-time updates:- Customers can get information regarding orders with the help of real-time notifications. The customer’s constant updating is a significant hurdle for any business. Additionally, this barrier is completely eliminated since customers receive real-time in-app notifications.
  3. Delivery driver software/app:- The delivery driver software plays the most important role in the whole process. The delivery driver software would connect the water vendor and the customers so that drivers could act as a bridge between the vendor and the customers. The delivery driver software or app offers various advantages such as easy pick up of orders and load sharing etc.
    • Easy to deliver orders:- With the help of the delivery driver software, drivers can easily reach the customer’s doorstep. The primary advantage is that by using maps, drivers can quickly locate customers without wasting much time trying to pinpoint their exact location.
    • No dependency on drivers:-A crucial component that would contribute to improving driver efficiency is there is no dependency on drivers. The software has the additional advantage of assigning orders to additional drivers for any route or customer.
    • New customers onboarding:- The software gives drivers the ability to act as sales agents and sign up new customers, which is a significant advantage. By doing this, the expense of hiring a second team to onboard customers is avoided

ravi garg, wds, technique, water business, subscription, customer experience, delivery app

Without the software, it’s very difficult to manage the whole process manually. The procedure begins with a customer order being placed and progresses through processing, dispatching, and delivery to the customer’s doorstep. The software itself manages all the activities to make your water delivery business survive the transformation digitization has introduced. If you still have queries, contact us now! 

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