Managing order records or payments is the most crucial area that needs to be dealt with in every business. The most challenging is to keep a check on the records of the orders that have already been delivered to the customers. The water delivery software has minimized the challenge by providing the option of delivery proof within the system. With the availability of this feature, it will become very easy for the vendors to check the receipts at any point of time. The characteristics of a delivery system that one should consider are listed below.

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Important feature to manage delivery business

  1. Immediate updates:-Today, every customer needs an immediate update while placing an order or while doing any payment to avoid confusion. With the water delivery software, you can notify the customer right away.  This software gives notification alerts on:-
    • Delivery Alert:- It is the basic need of a customer to get updated immediately after order delivery. In this way, customers stay up to date. The major benefit is that customers can verify the order details with the products that have been delivered.
    • Payments Alert:- Customers are notified of any transactions in relevance to recharge, refund, or deductions done in the wallet accounts through in-app notifications. The payment received or deducted is automatically entered in the customer’s wallet statement which the customer can check in the monthly invoices.
  2. Easy access to the invoices:- With the water delivery software, customers can easily access or download their invoices for any month from the app. This feature can create transparency between customer and owner.
  3. History of all the orders/subscriptions:- Customers can view all the orders or subscription details that have been created using the delivery system. This feature actually manages all the details for the customer in an easy way.
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  4. Proof of delivery:- This feature helps to reduce the misplacement of the delivered orders and enhance the relationship between owner and customers. Every delivered order has a record that is kept up to date via the below-listed ways:-
    • Image Proof:-The delivery method allows the driver to take a picture proof of the completed order. Because of this, there is transparency between the customer and the delivery company. These image proofs can be accessed by the vendor at any point of time.
    • Digital Signature:– Customers provide a digital signature for an order or payment done through the app. This digital evidence is recorded in the software. It benefits both the customer and the owner. The digital signature is proof that the order has been taken by the customer. These digital signatures can be accessed at any point in time from the system.
    • OTP verification:- The software also provides the ability to the drivers to deliver orders via  OTP. Delivering orders through OTP is the most secure way of delivery. The OTP is triggered on the customer’s contact which confirms the order delivery is in the right hands

By switching to a digital platform, the vendors will be able to handle deliveries with ease and provide customers with a fantastic delivery experience. For more details, book a demo with us. Our experts are here to solve your queries.

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