Major components of bottled water delivery software are- a customer application, a driver interface, and an admin panel; working in sync to streamline and make business processes seamless. It is therefore a unified platform to manage entire business operations on a single screen.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the three components of bottled water delivery software in detail. 

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Admin Panel

The admin panel is also known as the “business dashboard” which is a master platform for business owners. It allows water business owners to track and manage their all business operations smoothly. 

Features of the admin panel 

  • The admin can create new product categories, and sub-categories and then add new products along with the images. They can add an “N” number of products even muti-brands with the units they are selling.  
  • Admins can create the deliverable area where they provide their services. Only the customers who come inside the serviceable area can place the order from the customer application.  
  • Multiple delivery schedules can be created within which the deliveries are made. These schedules get reflected in the customer application from which they can select the preferable schedule for the delivery. The delivery schedules can be defined as morning schedule, afternoon schedule and evening schedule.
  • Stock value can be pre-defined based and admin can add new stock collected based on which the system auto-generates the stock report of available stock, stock required to fulfil customers’ demand and extra stock required to fulfil customers’ demand.   
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) is integrated where the customers’ detail is stored and allows businesses to resolve customers’ queries or complaints. The refunds are also managed from here.
  • The admin panel allow business owners to offer discounts by a percentage on deliveries and manage subscriptions efficiently. 
  • Business owners can live-track drivers and get order status updates.       

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Customer white-labelled Android/ iOS/ Website

The customer interface or water delivery app of water delivery software is a platform for customers from where they manage and track their orders. The customer interface can be a white-labelled website or application (available for iOS and Android). Any changes made to the customer interface are auto-updated on the admin panel.

Features of customer interface

  • The interface offers multiple options to create/ modify repeat orders.
  • Give live order status updates to the customers.
  • The order summaries and invoices are auto-generated and can be accessed on the application itself. 
  • Allow the customers to give feedback on the product and service and contact drivers once the order is out for delivery. This creates a transparent system which helps in avoiding miscommunication.   
  • Multiple payment options are integrated (prepaid, postpaid, online and payment on delivery) which gives customers flexibility in making payments.    

Driver Application

The water delivery driver Application is a digital platform that works in sync with the admin panel and customer application. The application is available only on android for delivery persons. 

Features of the driver application

  • The orders are listed on the driver’s application based on geofences. This helps in creating a sequence in which the orders are to be delivered reducing the turnaround time.
  • The detail of the stock that is required to be picked up from the warehouse is auto-updated on the drivers’ application. The drivers can also fetch their delivery history detail from the app.
  • The drivers can take proof of delivery as a picture of the order or the signature of the customer once the order is handed to the customer. 
  • The history of cash collected can be accessed from the driver application. 
  • The drivers can add new customers and also create orders for them.         

With the three components working in sync- an admin panel, driver application, and customer interface of water delivery software– the water delivery process can be fully automated and streamlined. The admin panel gives visibility and control to the business owner over the driver app and the customer interface.

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