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The demand for hassle-free deliveries has also increased with increased bars for convenience. The water delivery business has not been an exception. The demand for delivering clean and healthy drinking water to customers’ doorsteps has increased. The water delivery businesses have started to adopt the water delivery app development.

The blog will cover the following topics;

  • What is water delivery app development?
  • Understanding the water delivery app
  • Components associated with the water delivery app
  • Features of water delivery app that can help your business
  • Benefits of integrating water delivery that drive business growth

What is water delivery app development?

App development for water delivery involves designing an app for customers and drivers to streamline deliveries. These apps optimise the entire water delivery process, from placing orders to scheduling deliveries and order fulfilment. The delivery app development aims to improve the customer experience.

Understanding the water delivery app

The water delivery app is a mobile application for customers and delivery drivers. The customers can place and manage their water subscription orders. They can track their orders in real-time and receive order status updates. The water delivery driver app provides drivers with details of daily delivery tasks. It removes paperwork and allows businesses to focus on more crucial tasks.

Components associated with the water delivery app

The customer app for water delivery, the delivery app for drivers, and the admin panel are the components of water delivery software. These components work together to provide real-time insights into the water delivery process.

The Admin Panel for water delivery business owners or business managers

Features of the admin panel

  • Subscription management
  • Accounts and billing
  • Customer management
  • Delivery management
  • Route optimisation
  • Empty water bottle tracking

The customer interface (mobile application, – iOS and Android, and Website)

Features of the customer interface

  • Place orders (subscription and one-time orders)
  • Manage orders (select the number of deliveries and schedule)
  • Modify orders (edit, cancel, pause or resume subscriptions)
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Order status updates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Empty bottles updates
  • Refer and earn
  • Invoice and order summary
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Access order history

The water delivery app for drivers

Features of water delivery driver app

  • Run-time order modification
  • Mark deliveries
  • Record cash collection
  • Accept digital payments
  • Proof of delivery & Proof of payment
  • Place orders for customers (new and existing)
  • Daily operation clarity

Features of water delivery software

Water delivery software, also known as water delivery service software, offers the above-discussed three online components. These components provide various features that help you streamline your business.

Some of the features of water delivery service software
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Order management

Place orders – The software allows order placement (one-time and subscription orders) from the customer interface, driver app, and admin panel. The business manager and delivery drivers can place orders on behalf of their customers. The managers can place the orders from the admin panel. The drivers can place the orders on the run-time for new and existing customers, which can help you improve your customer base. The customers can also place their orders from the customer interface (mobile app – iOS and Android and Website).
Order amendments – The business manager, delivery drivers, and customers can modify orders (edit, cancel, pause or resume subscription orders). The business manager can edit the orders from the back office or admin panel. The drivers can edit the orders in run-time. The customers can edit their orders before the defined cut-off time.

Customised delivery frequency – The admin can offer customised delivery frequencies, including everyday deliveries, alternate-day deliveries, custom-day delivery and fortnightly deliveries. The customers can choose their preferred delivery frequency from a pre-defined delivery frequency list.
Subscription coupons – The admin can create coupons for subscriptions and offer them to the customers. Customers apply these coupons at the time of ordering a subscription.
Discount on subscription packages – The admin can give a percentage or a fixed discount on the number of deliveries. The admin can create subscription packages from the back office. The customers can choose the package while placing a subscription order.

Product management

Manage categories and products – The admin can add multiple categories, sub-categories, brands and products. They can delete or choose to hide and show a particular category, sub-category or product from the customer interface.
Define product type – The customers can define the product type and whether the product is available for one-time delivery or subscription.
Create configurable and combo products – The admin can create configurable products (single products available in various packaging) and combo products (e.g., water bottles and rental water coolers).

Account and Billing

Supports multiple business models – The software allows business owners to choose their preferred pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid payment business models.
Auto charge – The admin can enable the auto-debit payment feature that allows automatic deductions from the registered card.
E-wallet payments & reconciliation – The software provides an in-app wallet where customers can recharge the wallet to make wallet payments. The admin can define the minimum amount required in the wallet to place orders.
Automated invoices – The software auto-generates invoices weekly or monthly, predefined by the admin. These bills get delivered via SMS to a mobile device and email.
Multiple payment gateways – The software allows integration of various payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Gpay, Razor Pay, and PayU, offering multiple payment options.

Customer management

Customer profile creation – The business manager, delivery driver and customers can create profiles of the customers. The business managers can create customer profiles from the back office. The delivery driver can place orders for new customers and create their profiles. Customers can also sign up through the customer interface by adding their details. The profiles created by the customers and the drivers are auto-updated in the back office in real-time.
Edit and remove customers – The business managers can edit the details of the customers or choose to delete the customer profile. The customers can also delete their profiles from the customer interface.
Refund, deduct and recharge – The admin can refund, deduct and recharge customer wallets from the admin panel. They can add or deduct amounts from the customer’s wallet in bulk. Customers can also recharge their wallets through the customer app or website.
Customer grouping – The admin can create customer groups. They can offer different pricing to your customers based on groups. They can also offer credit limits to their customers based on the defined customer groups.

Delivery management

Area geofencing – The software works on a geofencing model. The admin can create delivery areas and define delivery availability based on geofencing.
Define areas and routes – The admin can define deliverable areas and create delivery routes.
Area day allocation – The admin can allocate delivery days for particular areas.
Custom week delivery option – The admin can choose a custom week delivery option where he can choose to deliver fortnightly.
Multiple schedules and time slots – The admin can create numerous delivery schedules and define time slots for delivery. He can create as many schedules as he wants.
Schedule-wise cut-off time – The admin can also define cut-off time schedule-wise. The schedule-wise cut-off time is the deadline by which customers can edit their orders for a specific schedule.

Route optimisation

Manual & auto route optimisation – The admin can optimise routes manually or automatically through the optimisation hits offered by the system. The multi-stop route optimisation software automatically sequences the deliveries. The admin can also sequence the deliveries manually with the drag-and-drop feature.
Driver profile creation – The admin can create a driver profile from the backend and share the login credentials with the delivery drivers. The delivery drivers can log in to the delivery driver app with the credentials created by the admin.
Live tracking and ETA – Customers and admins can track delivery drivers and orders in real time via the customer app and admin panel. The system also generates an ETA for the order and shares it with the customers.
Driver shift management – When a business uses this feature, the routes get generated according to the specified shift for the driver’s days. With the help of shift management, the system gives the flexibility to allocate a single route to multiple drivers on different days of the week.
Driver attendance – The delivery drivers can log in to the delivery app with a selfie that is recorded in the admin panel and creates a driver log history.

Empty water bottle tracking

Bottle history – The customers, business admins, and delivery drivers can access empty bottle history. The bottle history includes information about the number of bottles left with the customer and the number of empty bottles returned to the vendor.
Empty bottle reports – The system generates the empty bottle reports in the admin panel for empty water bottle tracking. The admin can see the number of empty bottles and the number of returned bottles.
Container deposits – The administrator can specify the container deposit, which is refunded when the delivery driver returns the empty bottle.
Bottle collection – The delivery drivers can record the number of bottles collected, which gets subtracted from the number of bottles still with customers. The recorded information is auto-updated on the admin panel.

Benefits of offering a water delivery app to your customers

The water delivery management app provides various features that help water jar delivery businesses enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately drive growth and profitability.

The benefits offered by the app that can help you grow your business are:

Convenience – Offering a delivery app to your customers allows them to order online without the need to call. They can place orders and manage and track them from their mobile phones, which improves convenience and customer satisfaction scores. The customers can choose the products of their preference and select the schedule in which the order is to be delivered. Offering such flexibility enhances the customer experience and encourages repeat business.
Time-efficient – The app optimises the ordering and delivery process, which reduces turnaround time and allows you to deliver more orders in the same time frame.
Customer experience – Allowing your customers to manage their orders, track them, and make payments via different payment options improves the customer journey and experience.
Cost-effective – The app automates the ordering, dispatching, and delivery processes, minimising human interference and requiring less staff. Automation also removes the need for paperwork and manual route planning and optimisation, saving costs and adding to profits.
On-time deliveries – The online water delivery app streamlines and optimises deliveries, ensuring on-time deliveries and improving the customer experience.
Order accuracy – Automating the water delivery process minimises the chances of human errors and improves order accuracy rates.

Benefits of offering a water delivery app to your delivery drivers

The water delivery driver app includes features that promote transparency and customer satisfaction, which ultimately foster brand loyalty and worthiness.

The benefits offered by the water delivery driver app

Hassle-free deliveries – The app streamlines and optimises order pick-ups. They can view their daily order delivery tasks on the application, avoiding confusion. They can deliver the orders in an optimised sequence and have them delivered, rescheduled or cancelled.
Promotes transparency – The GPS feature in the driver app allows customers and the admin to track their delivery drivers. The app also runs algorithms to calculate the estimated time of delivery and shares it with the customers. The drivers can acquire proof of delivery and proof of payment in the form of a signature, picture and OTP. This fosters trustworthiness among the customers and improves the brand’s goodwill.
Timely deliveries – Streamlining and optimising deliveries with the route optimisation feature improves delivery efficiency and ensures timely deliveries. It reduces delivery turnaround time and allows you to serve more customers in the same time frame.
Manage empty bottles – Tracking and managing empty water bottles reduces environmental impacts and avoids financial losses due to lost bottles.
Payment collection – The customers can also choose to pay the drivers, widening the payment options. The drivers can receive the payment in cash or as an online payment. They can record the transaction ID or the cash collected in the app, which is auto-updated in the admin panel. Recording payments collected fosters transparency and helps avoid payment disputes.

Water delivery app development is a great opportunity for water delivery businesses that seek to meet and exceed the evolving needs of customers. Developing water delivery service software can help you streamline your business to improve efficiency and profitability. Book a free demo and see how ‘Water Delivery Solutions’ can help your bottled water delivery business.

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