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The increasing demand for convenience and improved efficiency have resulted in the adoption of technological tools. The water delivery software is no different. However, streamlining and optimising operations is challenging in the water delivery business.

This is where using water delivery software comes into play. Water delivery software is a SaaS-based solution specifically designed to help water delivery businesses automate and optimise delivery operations. The system automates processes like order management, delivery management, delivery planning and scheduling, payment collection and reconciliation, and generating reports and analytics.

This software comprises three components that work together to provide real-time insights into the business. These components are:

  • The admin panel
  • Water delivery driver app
  • Water delivery app for customers

In this blog, we’ll discuss the water delivery driver app, its features and how it can help your water business improve efficiency and productivity.

What is the water delivery driver app?

The water delivery driver app is an Android mobile app for your delivery driver. The app is linked with the customer app and the admin app. The relevant changes made in the customer app and admin app are reflected in the driver app. The driver app aims at improving delivery and driver efficiency to improve the customer experience and brand reliability.

Water delivery solutions‘ driver app includes the following features:

The water delivery app for drivers offers features to ensure seamless delivery, improving the efficiency and productivity of the drivers. It allows businesses to serve more customers in a defined timeframe.

Features of the delivery app for drivers:

Run-time order updates – Drivers can modify one-time or subscription orders while delivering orders. They can also cancel and reschedule the orders. This option for order modification can be used when the customer wants to make changes to the orders and the cut-off time has passed.

Proof of delivery – This feature enables drivers to obtain proof of delivery. They can take a picture of the product, the signature of the receiver, or deliver it with an OTP sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. The driver can also enter the details of the person receiving the order other than the customer himself.

Proof of payments – The drivers can record online and cash payments on the platform. These payments are confirmed with the customer’s signatures or an OTP sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. The amount recorded gets automatically updated in the admin panel of the bottled water delivery software. The customer also receives notifications about the payments made.

Daily task clarity – The driver app gives customers daily task clarity. It includes delivery information, such as who to deliver to, when and what to deliver. The clarity of the delivery task improves order accuracy and ensures timely deliveries.

Record payments – The drivers can record payments made online and in cash. Customers can make online payments using multiple gateways (Gpay, Stripe, PayPal), credit or debit cards, and cheques. They can enter the transaction ID and the cash amount collected from the customer and confirm with the customer’s signatures or an OTP sent to the customer’s registered mobile number.

Create orders – The driver app has the feature of creating a new order for new and existing customers. The ability to place orders for new customers allows it to gain new customers, making it ideal for your on-field marketing team to acquire B2B customers. The new customers acquired automatically get updated on the admin panel.

Bottle tracking – The drivers can record the number of water bottles given to and collected from the customers on the platform. The reverse logistics system automatically calculates the pending bottles for the customers. The bottle tracking sheet on the admin panel gets updated in real time. The customers also receive notifications about the returned and pending bottles.

Driver attendance – The drivers need to sign in every time they start delivering orders with a selfie, which is updated on the admin panel with the time and date. This feature allows you to monitor the driver’s efficiency and promotes transparency between the driver and the business owner.

GPS navigation – The GPS features allow drivers to navigate seamlessly through multi-stop route optimisation. It also allows business owners and customers to track drivers and orders in real time. GPS navigation is critical for promoting transparency among customers, delivery drivers, and business owners.

Notify customers – When the drivers are close to the customer’s location, they can notify them of the order status. This allows customers to come out of the door and saves drivers time.

Benefits of using the delivery platform for drivers

The delivery app with water delivery management software helps water businesses ensure on-time and accurate deliveries. The app aims to improve driver efficiency and the customer experience, acquire new customers and scale the business.

Some of the benefits offered by the delivery driver app are:

Fosters transparency – The app integrates with the water delivery management software’s administrative panel and customer interface. Any relevant changes made on the admin panel and the customer app are updated on the driver app and vice versa.

Avoid customer disputes – Features like proof of delivery and payments minimise the chances of customer disputes. Reduced customer disputes improve brand loyalty and build brand image. It also increases repeat orders and brand endorsements from existing customers.

Timely deliveries – The driver app provides daily task clarity and GPS navigation, which ensures delivery of the orders accurately and on time. Making timely deliveries improves customer satisfaction and experience.

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Customer acquisition – The delivery drivers and on-field marketing teams can create orders for new customers. It reduces customer acquisition time and costs.

Improved efficiency – The app helps improve delivery efficiency by delivering orders accurately and timely. Improving delivery operation efficiency enhances customer satisfaction scores with water delivery apps and reduces operational costs.

Enhanced productivity – Delivering on time enables businesses to serve more customers in the defined timeframe, adding to overall profits.

Adopting online bottled water delivery software marks a more efficient and customer-centric approach. You can optimise your routes and ensure hassle-free deliveries. Integrating a driver app into your business can transform your experience and help you grow. Book a free demo to see how we can help your business streamline and optimise your operations.

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