Reverse logistics has taken water delivery businesses with water delivery software to the next level, and the way in which it is planned and handled allows businesses to stand out from the crowd. It is the last part of the entire logistical cycle, where the empty bottles are collected from the end users, i.e., the customers, and sent to the distributor or retailer.

Financial and environmental sustainability are the two major factors that are considered while planning reverse logistics for the water delivery business. In this article, we’ll walk through the main factors to consider and features to look for while choosing a reverse logistics platform.

Factors to consider while picking a reverse logistics platform

Defining a set budget according to usage and affordability is crucial. Paying more than is affordable can even backfire and affect ‌‌net profit margins. It is also important to check the features a reverse logistics platform offers. Many times, businesses end up paying for features they don’t even use or need.

The system must be both vendor and driver-friendly. As the delivery driver is the one who updates the data on bottle collection, he must be able to use the application with ease to increase the efficiency of reverse logistics. Customers must also be able to access empty bottle details from the customer interface.

Features to look for while choosing a reverse logistics platform for bottled water


Empty bottle data management- The reverse logistics platform works in sync with an integrated bottled water delivery management software that stores the entire business data along with the data of empty water bottles. The data entered by the driver on the driver application gets auto-updated on the admin panel for the vendor and the customer interface for the customers.

Tracking of empty water bottles- Vendors can track empty water bottles customer-wise from the admin panel. Vendors can manage their extra bottles available, bottles in use, and empty bottles with customers from a single platform.

On-demand return request- Your customers must be able to place on-demand requests for returning pending empty bottles. This allows customers to place the request for a return easily and also ensures that empty water bottles are not misplaced and are handled efficiently.

An efficient reverse logistics platform can streamline the process and make it both economically and environmentally sustainable. It ensures accurate empty water bottle collection, refilling, and distribution. This closes the loop of the bottle movement, which increases the sustainability score.

There are a number of good delivery tracking software solutions for managing ‌reverse logistics, however, understanding the particulars of the business is important before committing. It is suggested that you always take a demo before actually buying a software platform. Schedule a demo with our team of experts to discuss your business needs and see how “Water Delivery Solutions” can help your business achieve your set goals.

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