Rising online purchases have also brought a need for accurate and steady delivery tracking software for deliveries. Effective software can give your business an edge over others in the competitive market and touch the ultimate in customer delight.

Delivery tracking software gives businesses the ability to streamline deliveries and track deliveries in real-time and offers real-time updates on the location of the delivery driver. The software promotes transparency and helps build trust and brand value.

In this blog, we’ll see how using this software can add value to your water delivery software.

Top 5 advantages of using this software in the water delivery business

Improve ‌customer experience
Offering delivery tracking is an important feature for improving your customer experience. This can reduce the chances of any uncertainty or disputes and improve customer responsiveness, trust, and helps build brand loyalty and improve brand value. According to 4over, “79% of consumers who are able to track their orders get a sense of ownership of the order even before it is delivered.” Therefore, delivery tracking is a major deciding factor for customers when shopping and is also crucial for customer retention. Being able to track orders increases customer satisfaction scores and customer retention rates.
The software also offers features like auto-assigning and auto-dispatching that ensure order accuracy and result in on-time in-full (OTIF) order fulfillment.

Promotes sustainability
Using the software allows businesses to optimise their routes, which minimises fuel consumption and cuts extra fuel costs. Also, minimising fuel consumption reduces carbon emissions and carbon footprinting, which reduces the hazardous impact on the environment. The software also tracks empty bottles which prevents misplacing them and avoids environmental degradation. It impacts positively on people and also makes it socially sustainable. The software fulfills all three pillars of sustainability- financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

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Reduces turnaround time
The route optimisation feature of the software considers the original routes, traffic and calculates the distance and then creates the shortest delivery path. This reduces ‌total turnaround time and ensures on-time deliveries. The feature allows businesses to expand and serve more customers simultaneously improving the scalability of their water delivery business.

Minimises operational cost
Investing in this software can help businesses lower their logistical operation costs. Last-mile delivery is the most expensive part of the order delivery process. According to Insider Intelligent, “Last-mile deliveries alone account for 53% of total shipment cost.” However, according to McKinsey and Company, “Operation optimisation can help in reducing delivery costs up to 20%. Tracking the order can help you to minimise the chances of te uncertainties like misplacing the order. These factors can help businesses to reduce costs and the money can be used for marketing purposes.
As the water in the water delivery business is delivered in bottles, the software also allows tracking of empty water bottles, which avoids misplacing the bottle and saves money. It keeps a record of bottles with the customer and returns bottles. This prevents businesses from buying extra empty bottles.

Increases profitability
Features like auto-assign, auto-dispatch, route optimisation, and real-time order tracking help in increasing profitability. Auto-assign and auto-dispatch remove the need for hiring an extra workforce and ensure order accuracy at the time of order fulfillment. Route optimisation minimises extra fuel costs and reduces turnaround, which allows businesses to cover more areas and serve more customers. Real-time tracking improves the customer experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction scores and customer lifetime value and reducing customer churn rate. Happy customers result in repeat sales and bring referrals that decrease the customer acquisition cost.

Delivery tracking software is a crucial tool for businesses to track and manage deliveries. It can help businesses save costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost their sustainability. If you are also interested in giving an edge to your business, schedule a brief call with our tech experts and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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