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Bottled water delivery software has seen a paradigm shift in recent years due to the advent of advanced technology, especially specialised software for streamlining and optimising multi-facet aspects of the water delivery process. The pace at which technology is transforming and empowering businesses to enhance productivity, improve customer experience, and achieve operational excellence.

From seamless route optimisation and real-time delivery tracking to customer management tools and inventory control systems, centralised software solutions have become the backbone of efficiency for bottled water delivery businesses. These software platforms are redefining efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction to new heights within the water delivery industry.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the features of water delivery software that help businesses improve their efficiency and profitability.

What is bottled water delivery software?

It is an online integrated tool that automates and streamlines operations in the water delivery business. This improves the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the business, enabling easy scaling. As a result of the software, the business is financially and ecologically sustainable.

Components of water delivery management software

There are three components of the software, which include an admin dashboard, a customer interface, and a driver app. These components work in sync and allow real-time data updates.

Ways in which bottled water delivery management software improves the revenue of the business

Automated order processing

The software automates order processing, starting from digital order placement to order fulfilment. Customers can place bottled water subscriptions or one-time orders, which can be managed from the customer interface. They can pause, resume or delete subscriptions and modify or cancel one-time orders. It includes processes like order placement, order picking, packing and dispatching, order out for delivery, and order fulfilment. Order summaries and invoices are auto-generated and sent to the customer via email or SMS. The customers receive real-time order status updates as their order moves from one process to another.

Benefits of automating order processing

  • Allow customers to edit orders on their own, removing the hassle of calling business manager to make changes manually.
  • Improves order accuracy as the order is placed by the customers directly.
  • Improves customer experience with customer interface.
  • Automatic generation of order summaries and invoices reduces the chances of human errors.

Payment tracking and reconciling

The software offers multiple payment options to the customer, both online and through cash. It allows customers to pay via different payment gateways like Gpay, Stripe, PayPal, Paytm, etc., cards (debit and credit cards), and an in-app wallet. Delivery drivers can update the cash amount received from customers on the driver app, which is auto-updated on the admin panel in the real-time. The system sends low balance and late payment reminders to the customer, which ensures that the invoices are paid on time and the business receives consistent cash flow.

Benefits of payment tracking and reconciling

  • Automation minimises customer disputes as the invoices are generated by the system
  • Improves positive cash flow with low balance and late payment reminders
  • Improves customer satisfaction by offering multiple payment options.
  • Reduces the chances of mistakes in invoice and redoing it

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Inventory reporting

The delivery system generates inventory reports, which include information about available inventory, total inventory required to fulfil customer demand, and extra inventory that is required to be procured in order to fulfil customer demand. Inventory reporting assists in avoiding overstocks or stockouts, which can increase holding costs and increase the likelihood of customer order unfulfillment.

Benefits of inventory reporting

  • Avoid overselling products that are not in stock
  • Allow businesses to keep only the inventory they need, not excess inventory.
  • Having optimal inventory reduces the holding cost

Delivery management

The delivery tracking software automates and optimises the entire delivery process. This includes creating the shortest delivery route and sequencing deliveries. The system runs algorithms that calculate ETAs and share them with the customers. The GPS tracking feature allows business managers and customers to track their delivery drivers and orders in the real-time. The system automates order shipping and dispatching. Delivery areas are defined and the drivers are assigned to the particular areas. In case any new customer is onboarded, the delivery driver is auto-assigned depending on the route of the customer.

Benefits of delivery management

  • Optimising delivery route reduces overall delivery costs
  • Decreases delivery turnaround time
  • Minimises fuel consumption, reducing fuel cost
  • Reduces the impact of carbon footprinting due to carbon emissions

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Reports and analytics

The system auto-generates business reports, which include sales reports, inventory reports, particular product sales reports, and customer acquisition data reports. These reports are studied and analysed to strategize future sales plans. This also aids in scaling and expanding the business.

Benefits of reports and analytics

  • Strategize for future product sales
  • Make plans while scaling the business (upselling or expanding the business)

The implementation of bottled water delivery management software transforms the industry by streamlining operations, improving customer experiences, and optimising logistical efficiency. Its comprehensive features, which range from route optimisation to real-time tracking, enable businesses to effectively meet the market’s dynamic demands. This software not only simplifies management but also ensures the seamless delivery of pure, refreshing water to consumers’ doorsteps by integrating advanced technology into every aspect of the delivery process. Adopting such innovative solutions not only demonstrates a commitment to operational excellence, but it also paves the way for long-term growth in the competitive world of bottled water delivery services.

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